One of the first major projects for homeowners is the rear yard landscaping. Very often, landscaping will require the use of retaining walls where the owner may want to cut back sloping grades in the rear yard or side yards.

At Elite Pavers of Tampa Bay, we focus on functional, yet aesthetically pleasing retaining walls. Retaining walls can be used for many different reasons. We have built retaining walls in many areas and have made our clients’ outdoors better in many ways and have given them benefits that they stand to enjoy for decades to come.



Retaining walls are built to suit your needs. The beauty of our installation services is that we strive to create retaining walls that perfectly suit our clients’ design preferences.

A retaining wall is a wall designed to resist lateral earth and/or fluid pressures, although retaining walls are not always just for holding back water or soil. They can be installed for decorative purposes as well. Retaining walls add not only function, but a stylish design to any landscape. They are great for holding up raised flower beds or for holding decorative potted plants or keeping stones and dirt out of patios or pool decks. They have many uses and are easily installed to make a beautiful finished touch!


We put a lot of work in ensuring the overall excellent quality of the walls we build so you won’t have to deal with structural problems later on.

We have blocks for tiered walls, planter boxes, and large retaining walls. Getting your desired functionality will never be a problem. You may simply tell us your specifications and we can suggest the right design and height required. Rest assured, that once we’re done, you will be more than satisfied with the outcome of our retaining walls. Whether it’s for decorative purposes or functional purposes we are here to help!