Moving Paver Showroom Location Soon!

We are excited about announcing that we are moving our paver showroom to a new location soon. After being at our current location for a year we have already outgrown the space and would really [...]

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Local Paver Manufacturers We Use

At Elite Pavers of Tampa Bay we use quality pavers from only the most trusted and valued local Paver manufacturers. Below is a list of the suppliers we use and a description about each [...]

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Paver Repairs

Even if the correct amount of base was used, natural settling and erosion can sometimes occur underneath pavers, creating a depression or low spot. Fortunately, one of the benefits of a paver driveway or [...]

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How to choose the right paver installer?

When we hire a company to do work at our own home we want to make sure we make the right choice. When we make these kinds of decisions, there are questions we should ask [...]

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Monthly Mixer Hosted by Elite Pavers of Tampa Bay

S’mores anyone! That’s right, we had s’mores! We were honored to host the monthly mixer for the WCCC. What a great way to showcase our paver showroom by having a fire in one of our [...]

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Official Name Change

We would like to announce that after 10 years of being Curbs-R-Us we have officially changed our name to Elite Pavers of Tampa Bay, LLC. Seeing this company grow and seeing all the changes within [...]

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