Even if the correct amount of base was used, natural settling and erosion can sometimes occur underneath pavers, creating a depression or low spot. Fortunately, one of the benefits of a paver driveway or patio is the ability to remove and repair only the affected pavers rather than redoing the entire driveway or paver area. Leveling out the affected area of pavers is simple and requires no power tools. We can restore your pavers in a single afternoon.

The Repair Process

We will remove the sunken pavers from the affected area by using a pry bar or a flat head screwdriver to lift a corner of each paver so we can lift it out. Then stack the removed pavers in a safe place.

We figure out how much base we need to make the area level again. Spread an even layer of paver base across the sunken area until it reaches the needed height and is level with the base under the undisturbed pavers. We make sure we add enough to create a firm base for the pavers.

We then set the pavers back into place, gently tapping them down with a rubber mallet. If a paver is not completely level, we will continue to tap it with the mallet until it settles into place.

We finish with pouring sand over the entire work area after we have replaced all of the pavers. We sweep the area with a push broom to pack the sand into the crevices between the pavers. This will help hold the pavers in place and connect them to each other so they do not sink again.

Then we spray water over the pavers with a garden hose to get rid of most of the sand on the surface and into the paver joints.

The option of resealing the pavers is up to you. We would recommend it because the sealer helps harden the sand in between the joints and restores the pavers.